Posted by: noadventure | May 15, 2010

Paddle to the Causeway Bridge

It was raining a couple of weeks ago, but I was dying to get out of the house so I tossed my kayak in the truck and headed out to the lake.

I figured if I was going to get wet anyway, it might be fun to paddle out under the longest bridge in the world.

The tide was so high that the launch was underwater.

As you can see, the windsock is showing a south wind, so it’s not a good time for surfing; however, kayaking in these conditions is always fine.

As you come out of the harbor, there is a “rock jetty” made of concrete blobs. They kinda look like cooled lava. You can see the bridge in the distance.

It took me about 16 minutes on the way there at a leisurely pace from the boat launch to the bridge. It took longer on the way back because I took more pictures. It’s not my normal custom to wear a life jacket on Lake Pontchartrain, but the water was a bit choppy and the south wind was bringing me out(and I was alone), so I wore one to take the pressure off.

Under the Causeway, there is this infinity effect when you look at the pylons under the bridge. It looks like when look into a mirror and have another mirror behind you. Pretty cool.

There wasn’t much wildlife out that day, ‘cept for a few jumping mullet, some ducks, and seabirds.

Coming back into the boat launch, you can see a small hill that was made from a concrete pile that eventually grew grass. New Orleans will take all the hills it can get.

Nice fucking sticker!

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