Posted by: noadventure | April 25, 2010

Jazz Fest / Crawfish Boil

It’s the best fucking time of the year.

I’m not really a fan of the fest.  I don’t care for crowds too much, whether it’s Jazz Fest or Coachella or Burning Man.

Still, if you haven’t been… you should definitely check it out. There are some things you should experience:

I like this time of year because I love summer. Anticipation of summer is awesome(I’m a big fan of anticipation). Alot of people say they hate the heat and they don’t want to do anything in summer so they wait until fall. When fall comes, they’re busy with work and before you know it, it’s too cold to do the activities they said they would do.

After a brutal winter(that’s right – I said “brutal”) like the one we had this year in NOLA, springtime is so so sweet. Enjoy yourself, but do it every day you can, because life is short, there’s no time like the present, seize the day and all the other bullshit. You are not getting any younger. Your life is passing you by. Stop waiting and start doing. It is mandatory to kick ass every single day of your life.

We went to a crawfish boil last night at Pearce’s place and it was great to see all my friends and eat some great Louisiana food.

So have fun outside this spring, do Jazz Fest(if you haven’t experienced it), and if you do choose to smoke a marijuana cigarette… be responsible. Don’t end up like this cop:

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