Posted by: noadventure | January 11, 2010

NOadventure – the next decade…

I haven’t given much thought to the new decade that is upon us(save for my year end posts of Colonial Handjobs and Alabama Snow Skiing), but I do know that even if it is blisteringly cold for New Orleans, there is still adventure to be had out there.

The year in review:

If 2009 has taught us anything, it is that the term “swagger” is now exclusively used to describe NFL teams.

Also, Keeping up with the Jetsons, played in a few film fesitvals. The Buttons music video Roller Rock, and other posts on this site received national attention on

Our crunchy artist friends at the Monster Treehouse, got on the cover of Gambit this week. Speaking of Gambit, Blake Pontchartrain mentioned NOadventure in an article this year about the Underground Bomb Shelter we spelunked. BTW, Buried Alive, the documentary we made, played at the Docufest Film Festival in Atlanta.

Dan Fox mentioned NOadventure in a great article in Antigravity Magazine.

More importantly, this site had almost 95,000 hits in 2009. We absolutely murdered 2008(not that it was hard).

Thanks to all the guest posters and friends: Jessy, Pearce, Nina, Jimmy, Natalie, Francine, Taylor, James, Shayne, Chris, John, Kevin, Barry, Jenni, Iran, Dave, Nate, Butttons, Ballzack & Odoms.

Tara, George, and Jay – I’m still waiting for your contributions.

If you’ve seen one of these stickers around town and you want one, HOLLER – I’ll hook you up.

Lastly, I will begin letting everyone know about new posts on Twitter. Follow me @noadventure of course.

Live your life.

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