Posted by: noadventure | September 20, 2009

ATL Adventure

Sometimes, a little road trip is necessary to explore the South. New Orleans has plenty to offer, but my bomb shelter documentary Buried Alive got into the Atlanta Underground Film Festival and I took a day off from work to check it out.

We arrived smack dab in the middle of ATL in the afternoon. Damn, this place is huge! New Orleans needs more mega-businesses like Coke, ATT, and CNN(Turner), and Delta.


Let’s head to straight to Little 5 Points for some Mexican food! We went to El Myr(which is exactly like the Juan’s Flying Burrito of Atlanta).


After that we drank some beers and then decided to summit Stone Mountain in the dark(where we saw a fox). Even the pitch-dark, you should stop and smell the flowers from time to time.


After the brave(and successful) summit attempt, we checked out the super-redneck LASER show on the side of the mountain. Since this is not New Orleans, they don’t allow drinking, but we smuggled in a bottle of wine and a rhubarb pie to consume during the firework/laser spectacular. BTW, there were about 6 thousand rednecks there.


The next day, we grabbed some Vietnamese food that would make the Westbank proud. Then, we hit up this crazy exhibit that let’s you feel what it’s like to be BLIND. It’s called Dialogue in the Dark, and it’s awesome. You basically get a cane and walk around different environments for a half hour in complete darkness(as if you were actually blind).

Time to go to the movie screening! It was at the Carter Center which is close to downtown and L5P. The crowd wasn’t huge, but Buried Alive was definitely the audience favorite.

The next day we hit up the Georgia Aquarium(which is the biggest fucking aquarium in the world). You see this sucker down there? That’s a whale shark; they’ve got 2 of them. They are the only whale sharks in captivity in the Western Hemisphere.


You know the shark tank at New Orleans’ Aquarium of the Americas? It’s 1 million gallons. This whale shark tank at the Georgia Aquarium is 6 million gallons!


Did I mention they also have beluga whales?


Then there was this cool wave-ceiling thing. In fact, a lot of the glass was overhead so you could see the fish from a different perspective.


On the way back to New Orleans, we saw a dude with a canon. Fun trip.



  1. Amazing aquarium!! Totally beats the tank in the Aquarium of the Americas.

  2. woh dude i wana go to the georgia aquarium. was it worth it??

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