Posted by: noadventure | July 19, 2009

Solo Kayak to Deer Island

There are 5 major barrier islands along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Deer Island is the closest one(only about a mile or so from shore). You can access it from the quaint town of Ocean Springs or if you’re a real beast – swim there from Biloxi. I went to kayak there with Rebecca, but at the last minute she chickened out. She took pictures while I went solo into the Gulf.


When I paddled up, the beach was deserted. It felt good to be completely alone on my own island. I wanted to stick a flag in the ground and claim it as my own, but I didn’t have a flag. I stuck my paddle in the sand instead. The first thing I needed to do on my own island was to develop a currency.


There are no deer on Deer Island, but I’ve heard there are wild boar – I didn’t see any. I did however, see a bunch of dead horseshoe crabs.


Nasty little prehistoric bastard. I can use their carcasses as my currency. Each dead crab equals roughly 12 cents(USD). Here’s 2 more(almost a quarter)!


The south side of the island was really cool. If you stand there and look at the ocean(Gulf of Mexico) you can imagine that this island is just like it was centuries ago. There is no development, just some trees, wild hogs, racoons, gators, eagles, ospreys, and an inland freshwater source. If one was gnarly enough, he could live here off the land for a long time.

The water on the south side(Gulf side) is clearer in the shallows.


I’m searching for life on this deserted island like Tom Hanks in that movie(Philadelphia). I found a washed up rusty metal cylinder.


My own private beach – keep off!

deserted beachdeserted2

Don’t even think about it. It’s mine.


  1. oh thats so cool!!! 🙂 i want to go there! and do stuff like that!! 😀

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