Posted by: noadventure | February 12, 2009

Summit Driskill Mountain

This state is one of 3 in the U.S. with its lowest point located below sea level, and its highest point is the 3rd lowest in the country; only Florida’s Britton Hill and Delaware’s Ebright Azimuth are lower than this 535ft bump known as Driskill Mountain.

A few fascinating facts about Mt. Driskill.

It’s the highest point in Louisiana.
It’s 535 feet high.
It’s motherfucking breathtaking.

Bonnie and Clyde were killed near here after being chased by cops. True.

If you are a history buff, this might provide you with another compelling reason to take the mammoth journey into north Louisiana(besides bagging the peak). Here’s how you get there:

It was a kinda long drive, but when it comes to ADVENTURE – I can’t be stopped.
The primary route on Driskill Mountain begins at the parking lot of the Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church; follow the logging road from here to what seems to be uphill. You’ll figure it out.

This is what you’ll see at the top.

Then you’ll sign the log.

Then your friend will take your picture next to some weird shrine to some dude you don’t know.

Now that you’ve proven you actually made it to the top of the highest point in LA, you can get more artsy with the photos and dick around with the fading sun.

Savor the view from the top.


  1. The memorial is to a guy killed by avalanche on Driscoll. He was a short way from the summit with only 15 feet of elevation to gain before topping out when he was hit. His body couldn’t be carried off, the rest of the party were too wasted, so they dragged him up to the summit and built that cairn right on top of him.

    I hope you were quiet when you were there, and, didn’t swear.

  2. […] Let’s continue onward to… Mt Magazine, Arkansas’ highest point. That makes 2 of them for me because I already rocked Louisiana’s Driskill Mountain. […]

  3. […] have now been to the highest point in North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, andĀ Louisiana. More to come on […]

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