Posted by: noadventure | November 5, 2012

Blindfold Taste Test(Beer, Whisky, Vodka)

The basic concept is that even though you think you can tell the difference between brands of liquor, you can’t. The reason why people drink their brand is marketing and price, not taste.  I can already feel you calling bullshit, so just do it already.

This is a great test to do in a bar if the bartender is a “mixologist” type. He’ll think it’s so easy so you can usually bet him your tab if he can pick 2 out of 3 bourbons. They never can. Even if it’s something they drink all the time.

I did this test to 13 lucky people. In a blackout blindfold, there was no way for them to know which booze was which. For added safety, I wrote the names on the bottom of the cups so there were no mistrials.

VODKAS: Ketel One($26) VS Fris Vodka($20)

WHISKEY: Jack Daniels($23) VS Maker’s Mark($30)

BEER: Bud Light($22/case) VS Miller Lite($22/case)

ME(with Sharky)

vodka: CORRECT! whiskey: WRONG. beer: WRONG.

Score 1/3

Joey Buttons

vodka: WRONG. whiskey: CORRECT! beer: CORRECT!

Score 2/3


vodka: WRONG. whiskey: WRONG. beer: CORRECT!

Score: 1/3


vodka: CORRECT! whiskey: CORRECT! beer: CORRECT!

Score: 3/3


vodka: WRONG. whiskey: WRONG. beer: CORRECT!

Score: 1/3


vodka: CORRECT! whiskey: WRONG. beer: WRONG.

Score: 1/3


vodka: CORRECT! whiskey: CORRECT! beer: WRONG.

Score: 2/3


vodka: WRONG. whiskey: CORRECT! beer: WRONG.

Score 1/3


vodka: WRONG. whiskey: CORRECT! beer: CORRECT!

Score 2/3


vodka: WRONG. whiskey: CORRECT! beer: WRONG.

Score: 1/3


vodka: CORRECT! whiskey: CORRECT! beer: CORRECT!

Score: 3/3


vodka: WRONG. whiskey: WRONG. beer: WRONG.

Score: 0/3

Ben(looks wasted, but probably not)

vodka: WRONG. whiskey: WRONG. beer: CORRECT!

Score: 1/3


48% correct total. Seems a lot like flipping a coin.

Nobody knows dick about dick. You might think that somebody like Ashley must be a connoisseur since she nailed them all and Landon probably doesn’t drink much. WRONG! Landon is a lush who drinks all of this crap and Ashley is a light drinker. There is a 50 percent chance to guess any one of the three so it is like a coin toss(unless you can really tell – which almost no one can).

I did this test to myself a couple of years ago and realized I didn’t know shit about whiskey. Next, I found out I didn’t know shit about vodka and started drinking the rotgut. Jeezus what a hangover! So taste might not be an issue, but some of the brands are straight mind-poison so you have to protect ya neck.

If you ever have the chance to do this(and I don’t see why you wouldn’t since all it takes is a blindfold and some paper cups), amaze yourself and your bros. Turns out, everyone is full of shit.


  1. bud lite vs miller lite?
    I thought it was a BEER taste test

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