Posted by: noadventure | July 19, 2010

Okatoma Whitewater

How many of you waited all winter and spring, saying to yourself,”Man, when summer gets here, I’m going to hit the water every day?”

How’s that working for ya?

Let me ask you a question. What do these three images have in common?

Answer: They are 3 things I was not thinking about on my recent Okatoma whitewater trip. The photos above may not make sense to you now, but they will make hits for me on this post.

The Okatoma is only 2 hours away and has genuine class II rapids. Who knew? Enjoy killer rope swings and sweet little waterfalls in the heart of South Central(Mississippi). I cut a pretty decent backflip off this one.

Here’s a log jam that happened right after the first rapid. Word of advice: either pass everyone up or let them cruise past you. The best rope swing is after the first rapid so try not to get caught in the middle of a church group or school. Also: it’s a dry county, but we DEF had suds in our kayaks. You may get leers from some god-fearing locals, but who cares.

Some of the rapids eat canoes, so you can pull off to the side and watch fat kids tip over all day. There is also great little scenic bluffs that you don’t see alot of south of I-10.

Somewhere around this rapid, we stopped to swim and grab a beer…

While we were soaking in the river, tiny fish started nibbling on our fingers and toes. Pearce claims one bit the fuck out of his nipple. All I know is that his nipple was bleeding when he came out of the water. I can’t really see any blood in the photo, but it does look inflamed.

Anywhosers, the Okatoma ate my camera(these photos were salvaged from the card), so I had to scavenge some clips of people FAILING the rapids on the Oke.

This is the outfitter I recommend for an 8 mile ALL KILLER NO FILLER run of the river:

Seminary Canoe

Get wet.


  1. i agree kayak is the way to go. Not a good idea for canoes. Unless both people have experience on rapids. My wife and I went and she rolled the canoe every rapid. But it is hella fun.

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