Posted by: noadventure | August 8, 2012

Raw Oyster Challenge


Down here on the Gulf Coast, we like to eat stuff that other people consider crap. Connecticuters might see crawfish as mud bugs, but in New Orleans, they’re food that fights back.

I’m sure these oysters from Marlow and Sons in Brooklyn are worth 3+ bucks per oyster(!), but where I’m from, you can find oysters for 25¢.

Sure, ours are fresh off the boat from the salty Gulf of Mexico and not trucked in from Sewansecott, Virginia, but Gulf oysters taste pretty much the same be they from Apalachicola or Galveston Bay. I would describe their flavor as briny flesh with seawater and lemon. Add ketchup and crackers if you’re a pussy.

Oyster eating is generally done on the months that contain an “R.” With mere days separating us from the season opener, I’d like to share with you my personal challenge to eat 10 dozen oysters in 1 hour. My associate Bradley chose to attempt 10 alcoholic beverages in 1 hour. We documented our experiment for science.

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