Posted by: noadventure | April 10, 2011

Renaissance Fair

So this was a forgotten adventure that took place in the fall. The festival grounds were up near Hammond(I  think). If the word “nerd” could be used to describe you in any way, this might be for you. I’ve got a ton of photos and this story is best told through my snapshots.

Admission: they take VISA, not schillings.

Let’s party.

Right out of the gate we have sorcery. That’s right, sorcery.

A stroll through the shire(or whatever the fuck you call woods).

Yes, they’ve got bards and yes they make those faces constantly. It’s exhausting.

Ran across this fairy chick with the goat. I asked, “Can I take a picture of you and your goat?” She said, “It’s a sheep.” My bad.

Next up was this stud with the Sega Dreamcast shirt. We got into a pissing match over throwing hatchets into this pile of logs. Turns out we both suck at it as neither of us was able to make one stick in the wood.

If you enjoy people watching, this place rivals the Strawberry Festival. The only problem is that my new DSLR makes a loud shutter noise when I snap a shot so now I have to ask permission to shoot most people or take photos from far away. My old camera was so stealthy(super long zoom and sniper-silent).

Went in for a closer look on Superman and his elastic pants. Look at his disapproving sneer.

They had plenty of great activities – such as the FALCONRY show… and let’s not forget Sir Munch-A-Lots.

The coolest thing I witnessed was this battle arena where the tough nerds would fight each other at 100% force with armor and weapons(the weapons were padded over the sharp points). These dudes were brutal and their fighting included going-for-broke moves like chucking a sword at another dude’s head and then tackling him. The crowd cheers the fighters on and feeds the excitement. The guys had been doing this several shows a day for the past few weekends, so they were pretty beat up when we saw them, but they did not fail to entertain.



  1. “Ran across this fairy chick with the goat. I asked, “Can I take a picture of you and your goat?” She said, “It’s a sheep.” My bad”

    Shouldn’t that have “My baaaaad?” Wasted opportunity brah.


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