Posted by: noadventure | April 4, 2010

Scooter Rally(BEW:3 Times the Harm)

Last weekend was the third installment of the Big Easy Weekender scooter rally. The theme of “3 times the harm” was embodied with a lawless obstacle course and countless “dirty rides” through the city at night after partying.

You might think of a scooter rally as a joke or that scooter people wish they had Harleys. That’s were you’re wrong. Scooters are about having fun – not about compensating for a tiny cock or toughening-up your post-40 balding lifestyle. Scooter rallies(BEW at least) has no pretense. It’s just like-minded people getting together for laughs and activity. That being said, this event was a 3 full days of events, drinking, long rides, and revelry. I was only able to attend on the final day.

In a concrete walled-in parking lot behind Chickie Wah Wah, several feats of scooter prowess were checked and challenged.

The Slow Race: try to make it across the finish line last without your feet touching the ground(master the “stall”).

The Kick Start Race: everyone starts with their hands on the wall(like they’re getting arrested). At “Go!” they turn around, jump on their bikes, kick start ’em and race to the finish line.

The Gauntlet: a slalom of cones placed super close.

The Harm-khana: a crime and mischief themed obstacle course. Grab the booze and the brick, smash the window, kick the trash cans, snatch the purse, pick up the bat, whack the mailbox, stash the loot, and jump the cop car(ramp).

Smash the glass!



This gnarly little chick almost crashed when her scooter went sideways off the cop car ramp!

Here’s a video of the whole Harmkhana being demonstrated:

In the end… only one troublemaker went to jail.

Citizen’s arrest!

If you like scooters… check out my Scooter to the Coast trip.

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