Posted by: noadventure | May 30, 2012

Greek Fest(Opa!)

My first Greek Festival ever. Of course it’s on Bayou St. John, but you’re not allowed to kayak in.

Sharky was thrilled. He has a taste for lamb that cannot be quelled.

It’s a good thing these oiled-up Greeks were putting flames to flesh in the centuries old tradition known as “cooking.”

Hmmm. Burgs of the goat variety? Might have to go “aggro” on one of those tasties(and with the price of goat going through the fucking roof, that’s a bargain).

Not only was it my first Greek fest, it was my first Greek fest with a 6 month-old son. Sharky is an avid outdoorsman, so he was perfectly at home on the grassy banks of Bayou St. John listening to a 20 piece Greek band amidst the smells of roasting cloven-hooved beasts. However, even the most rugged 0 year-old outdoorsman gets fussy when nap time approaches. We only got to stay for a couple of hours, but that was perfect. We bid farewell to our friends at the fest; they would remain drinking wine and alternating between calamari and goat feasts until the sun went down.

Spit Roasting an entire lamb:

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