Posted by: noadventure | December 7, 2009

NOadventure climbs Everest!

Well, that was the plan anyway(or at least get to base camp at 18,000 feet).

Shayne, a NOadventure representative, left for Nepal about 2 months ago(way fucking late in the season). The result was Shayne getting so violently sick that it makes cancer look like a blowjob.

Shane with his posse.

His water bottle froze next to his head as he struggled to stay warm in the Himalaya. After several days of puking in a bucket and shitting on the ground, he called it quits and returned to Kathmandu. Despite being ill(near legally dead in Nepal), he did manage to bomb India and Nepal with some NOadventure stickers like the one seen here:

See if you can spot them…

Shayne is back in the U.S. now, planning another attempt next spring. Hopefully by then, the posse will have some high-altitude experience under their belts. Sherpas don’t come cheap.

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